5 Tips to Improve Disabled Men Sex Life

May 16, 2019

Disability is a physical or mental impairment which hinders sensitivity, judgment and movement in individuals. Data from recent research reveals that about 10% of the world’s total population consists of people with disabilities. Most of the disabled people come from the less developed countries that have little or no access to quality health care, sanitation and nutrition among others. Males and females with different kinds of disabilities qualify in to the largest marginal group in the world today. Disability makes the affected individuals lack self-confidence and even results t stigmatization in some cases.

Disabled mans’ sex life

Sex is considered a necessity to every living human being. However, some people tend to think that the disabled lack sexual feelings and are not worth of being into intimate relationships. In real life situation this is not the case since the disabled also need sex as much as any other live human being. The stigmatization associated with disability makes the disabled men feel less appealing and not fit to be in intimate relationships. The topic about sex and disability has often been overlooked in the past years but here is some good news for the disabled people since this article tries to shed some light on how to spice up disabled men sex life. The disabled need assistance to live a satisfying sex life. This requires a lot of resources and training of their care givers to help them understand and attend to their sexual needs. Sometimes the environment that the disabled people live in negatively affects their sex life and especially in cases where their live in shared homes with their relatives and friends who barely understand their sexual needs. Sex is a necessity to every man and it should not be deprived from the disabled.

Importance of disabled men having more sex

Disability in most cases has a negative impact on the disabled men sex life. Coming up with new methods of having sex as well as measures to help cope up with the situation may help ensure that the disabled man sex life remains unaffected. Some disabilities however can result to loss of responsiveness and sensitivity around the genital areas and this can be a big blow to the disabled men. In such cases the intervention of qualified medical practitioners as well as creative sexual activities is recommended. The creative sexual activities help the disabled achieve erogenous pleasure without necessarily involving the genital areas. This sounds strange but is so important and real in the world of disability. These creative sexual activities range from touching body parts such as neck, ears and cheeks to using different sounds and scents. All these give the disabled men pleasure without exchanging body fluids. Disabled men having more sex help boost their self-confidence as well as making them able to fit in the normal world which gives their life meaning and makes it worth living.

Improving disabled men sex life

Finding a disabled partner

A disabled man needs a disabled sexual partner who will easily understand and appreciate his efforts. When a coupe consists of bot disabled parties, they are able to understand each other’s disorders and can even be willing to go an extra mile to achieve a satisfying sex life together. Both partners being on the same page of disability helps boost self-confidence creates some sense of motivation and creativity and also helps diffuse frustrations that may pop up when trying to enjoy sex. The last thing a disabled man needs in his life is a partner who does not appreciate his efforts and therefore marrying a disabled woman gives him and understanding and appreciative partner as he needs.

Joining disabled peoples’ social groups

Being around people who can relate to your situation gives one a sense of belonging and helps boost confidence. When disabled men have the chance to share their experiences and frustrations with fellow disabled people, they get to learn from each other and also get motivated. Here, they get to widen their knowledge on the issues that affect them and how they can easily cope with them. Joining these social groups gives the disabled men friends and confidants to turn to during their low moments.

Purchase sex dolls

The use of sex dolls has become popular in most parts of the world today. These sex dolls act as magical gods to the disabled men giving them the sexual pleasure they have been missing. Sex dolls become their unapologetic and submissive sex partner that will never question or judge their disabilities. These dolls are even designed in more flexible ways to reduce anybody strains from the disabled men.

Joining dating sites for the disabled

In the recent past, disabled dating sites have been set up to help give the disabled a satisfying sex life. Examples of these dating sites include whispers 4U, disability match UK and dating 4 disabled among others. Here the disabled have a chance to find fellow disabled partners who are looking for partner to help spice up their sex life. These sites will offer you quick sexual endeavors, mere friendship and even long life companionship. Here the disabled get a solution to all their problems.

Visiting brothels

Prostitution is not acknowledged in many societies but the significance of sex cannot be overlooked. Disabled men find sexual escorts in the brothels and they both have a unifying factor that is the society surrounds them with some kind of stigmatization. Always remember to use a condom on your visits to the brothels for the sake of your general health. Sexual escorts give the disabled men the sexual sensation they need.

It is evident that disabled men sex life is full of challenges and frustrations but having the ideal partner, joining disabled peoples’ social groups, joining disabled dating sites, purchasing a sex doll and even visiting brothels among others are some of the core factors that help the disabled men achieve a satisfying sex life. All disabled men should try some of these factors to make their sexual life enjoyable.