How Do the Sex Dolls Compare to the Real Things

May 16, 2019

Forget about interplanetary spaceflights and self-driving cars, one of the biggest things ever to radically transform the society is love dolls. Much has been written about the life-like dolls that are doubling as girlfriend substitutes or rather complements, with skeptics skewing their arguments towards their technical limitations, maintaining that the dolls lack the capacity to satisfy male sexual desires in the same manner as real women.

Of course, the technical hurdles to create a sexually pleasing mechanical woman would be too high, but tremendous strides have been made in the field. Their sexual competency may fall a little short compared to what a real woman could do, but there’s more to these dolls than meets the eye.

Imagine having an exact replica of your dream girl or supermodel, ready to get down with you any time you want her to. Designed to respond to sound and touch, like moving her limps and gyrating during sex. She can also talk dirty and respond to all your commands like a real girl would. Suffice it to say that, with emotional connections aside, there isn’t much difference between having sex with a silicone sex dolls or a real girl.

And there’s a reason men are ditching the traditional sex scene after substituting real women with the life-like sex dolls in what’s apparently a disturbing trend that’s catching up with the rest of the world at a much faster pace.

So how does having sex with a love doll compare to having sex with a real human girl?


Their Vaginas – Of Course, You’ll Need Lube

The vagina is apparently where much of the attention and care has been directed. Molded off real vaginas, their down south is 100 percent anatomically correct. You wouldn’t tell the difference if someone made you sample it when blindfolded.

As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t treat them any lesser. Just proceed to kiss them and fondle their breasts like you would with a real girl in flesh. Of course, they won’t be whispering sweet nothings into your ears or wrap their legs around you, but they’re certainly up for any sexual position in the book.


They Don’t Get Tired

Don’t let the innocent face of your love doll fool you into believing that they’re NOT up to the task. If anything, the dolls are designed to handle long sexual sessions than real girls. And they’re super awesome at it.

Take them to pound town any time of the day, and plow them for hours if you’ve got the energy for it. Once the glory of missionary sex wears out, turn them around for some little bit of doggy style or other sex style you fancy until you’re finally able to get your rocks off.

In other words, you’re the person in charge. You decide when the sexing begins and ends.


Love Dolls are clean

Dolls are manufactured from silicon by luxury sex dolls companies that strive to make them amazingly realistic. The dolls come dressed in real clothes and wigs, and you’ll be forgiven for mistaking them with real hotties in flesh.

Once you’ve purchased one, it’s upon you to take good care of them. You’re the person to wash, clean and style them, dressing them for the occasion or your look preference.

No bad odor or dead bedrooms. Disappointments and unnecessary complaints have no place in your newfound relationship. And whether you believe it or NOT, the last thing you’ll be thinking about in the middle of having sex is that her skin isn’t as elastic as that of a real girl. Instead, it’ll be like having sex with the girl of your dream, your favorite supermodel.


They can Give Fellatio. You’re also allowed to give them Facial

There’s NO limit as to what you can do with your love doll. Depending on the love doll you chose, and your level of kinkiness, there’s a whole lot the two of you can explore in terms of sexuality.

Some sex dolls can even deep-throat, and with some little bit of lube and heat, kissing them won’t be very much different from kissing a real human girl.

And if you have a thing for facial, then don’t hesitate to get down on her. They might NOT simulate the suction of a real human girl, but they’re something.


Anal Sex

This is NOT something you ask on a first date, but love dolls won’t mind one bit. Like their vaginas, their anus is anatomically correct and designed to simulate the actual feeling of anal sex. It’s tight and a completely different sensation from that of their front.