How to Introduce Your Sex Doll to Others

May 04, 2019

Many people are increasingly adopting the use of sex dolls. There are different reasons why you may want to introduce sex dolls to your relationship life. Adult dolls can be important for spicing up a relationship and providing companionship and sexual satisfaction.  Even with the potential benefits that can be resulted from using realistic adult dolls, it must be noted that their introduction to any sexual relationship is easier said than done. That is because you are never too sure how your partner would react considering the fact that the use of adult dolls is linked to many myths, affecting how we tend to feel about them. This affects how to introduce your sex doll. For example, there is a notion that if you use realistic adult dolls then you are not able to have a normal healthy relationship.  The bottom line is that this is often a sensitive issue and for that reason, to introduce your sex doll, it must be handled with the tact and diligence it deserves. Consequently, here is how to introduce your sex doll to your partner. 


How to Introduce Your Sex Doll


Smashing the Biases

Since your partner may already have a stereotypical view concerning the ownership of realistic adult dolls, note that it is still possible for you to help in dispelling such myths. Your behavior and how you interact with your partner can help in that respect greatly. For you to dispel such myths, you have to be a great communicator, caring, supportive, give your best sexual performance, and understand how adult dolls function. 


Choose The Right Partner 

The right partner is always open-minded in regards to considering and adopting new ways of spicing up the relationship and enhancing sexual satisfaction. Your partner may not be into adult dolls but he/she may still be acceptable to their use or the adoption of other odd sexual acts. The right partner is always understanding and helpful in a relationship.


Be The Right Partner 

As a significant other, you should also be open-minded. You should be supportive and open to new sexual fantasies and preferences. Your attitude towards different kinks will in a great way influence the acceptance of your preferences by your partner and also affects whether or not your partner feels safe expressing his or her desire. The right partner should never ridicule or mock kinks and fantasies of the significant other.


Anticipating the Questions

When you introduce a sex doll to your partner, there is a high chance that some questions will be asked. If you are asked questions, do not get critical or defensive. It is normal if your partner wonders if you find the adult dolls to be more attractive, you prefer the sex dolls to them, or it represents a form of cheating.  Be as honest as possible with your partner without being hurtful. For example, even if you find the realistic sex dolls to be more attractive than your partner, that really you should not say unless you want to get into trouble. Inform your partner the reason for wanting to use a sex doll and clearly define its role. For instance, your sex drive may be higher and you want not want to bother your partner to have more sex. 


Moving Forward

Hopefully, your partner is able to accept your use of sex dolls even if it is not his/her preference. Your partner may accept your use of an adult doll provided that he/she is not involved. For some partners though, they may not supply you with the enthusiastic support that you require and in such a scenario you have to decide the way forward. If your partner fully embraces the use of adult dolls then consider your comfort levels. If you are not feeling comfortable about sharing your sex doll, then you can keep it to yourself. 


In conclusion, if you do not want your partner to find out about your sex doll use, then you have to ensure that it is stored where he/she will not find it. It is advised that you avoid that particular route as it can make things worse. Just lay out a plan and introduce the subject to your partner. Always remember and appreciate the fact that your right and supportive partner will not simply be just quick to judge or mock you. There is a high chance that a supportive partner will see the true importance of a sex doll in enhancing a sexual relationship and therefore not help in propagating its myths.