How to Maintain Your Sex Dolls

May 04, 2019

You have done extensive research and decided to invest in the Sex Doll that you have purchased. But you need to take special care and maintain your sex dolls properly to ensure they are long lasting and its fresh for use every-time. Here are tips for you on how to maintain your sex dolls.


  1. TPE Rehydration

The first step in ensuring the proper maintenance of your sex doll, it is necessary to to do appropriate TPE rehydration of the body and the high-stress areas. Use mineral oil which is generally found in baby oil and other moisturizers. Apply the mineral oil based product on each side of the body of the doll and keep it for approximately 2 hours. For areas which undergo higher stress, use Vaseline which has more mineral oil content. These areas will take a longer time to absorb but will ensure that your doll always remains fresh and clean for reuse. 


  1. Stains from Clothes

Although annoying for a new user, sex dolls getting stained from clothes is a widespread phenomenon. Sex dolls are made of porous materials to give it the softness that you desire. So when they are made to wear new clothes or tight waist banded clothes, the excess dye in the clothes tend to seep into the porous material of the Sex Doll. Cleaning such a stain on a sex doll is pretty simple and should not take more than a couple of minutes. All you need is a cotton swab, an odorless painter's solvent, and a clean cloth. Using the swab apply the solvent onto the area which has stained. Keep it for around a minute and then wipe it off with the clean piece of cloth. Voila! It's as good as new! 


  1. Using Lube

Using a Lube is not only an essential part of maintaining your sex toy but also something which would ensure that the encounter with your toy is pleasurable and hurt-free. In natural intercourse, the lubrication process is natural and is achieved through the process of foreplay and arousal. But in case of a sex doll, it is ready from the word to go but then doesn't have lubrication in them. Be careful in choosing the type of lubricant to be used with your sex doll. ALWAYS use a water-based lubricant with your Sex Doll. This will ensure that you can adequately maintain your doll. Oil-based and Petroleum-based lubricant should not be used under any circumstances as they are water-resistant and thus that much more challenging to clean. Silicon-based lubricants are more likely to damage the doll further by making the doll's surface porous and unusable. 


  1. How to Clean the Holes and Dry the Holes

Washing your Sex Doll regularly after use is essential for maintaining the proper hygiene of your doll. It is recommended to use a mild soap or shampoo for the same and avoid the use of any chemicals. Extra care should be given to clean the holes and remove any bodily fluid from them thoroughly. If you are washing the doll in the shower make sure to wash the head separately with the use of shampoo and a dampened cloth. Make sure only water-based makeup is being used which is easy to clean and wipe.   Once the doll has been washed thoroughly, it should be dried properly so that all the holes and the body is without any moisture. DO NOT use a blow dryer to remove excel water as this may severely damage the doll. Always use a cloth to dry it. Once dried you can use baby powder and apply it on the body and orifices of the Sex Doll to remove any excess moisture. The wig of the doll should also be washed separately and naturally dried. Use a mild shampoo to wash the same as well. 


  1. Store the Sex Dolls Correctly

Storing your Sex Doll should be given a lot of thought and care. Always make sure that the doll is not being stored in an area which has excessive exposure to sunlight or extreme temperatures. Always use a suspension hook or the original box to store the doll. A safe way to store the doll would detach the head and attach a hook in its place. Then using the hook suspends the doll in a closet which has ample space so that the doll does not get squeezed, which can permanently disfigure the doll.  While ensuring the proper maintenance of the doll make sure that the body parts or the doll as a whole are not left lying around in the house. This can severely damage your doll if a pet starts playing with it or someone accidentally sits on it. In case you do not have a suspension hook, make use of the box and the packaging material in which the doll came for storing purposes. 


  1. Keeping the Doll Away from These Items

The maintenance of your Sex Doll also means that you have to protect it from getting exposed to harmful materials. Some of these are - 

  1. Alcohol - Your TPE Sex toy is highly porous and alcohol being easily absorbable; it can seep into the material of the doll. Alcohol being highly inflammable, it can seriously damage your doll.
  2. Solvents - Only use odorless solvents and that too only for cleaning stains. Under all other circumstances keep your doll away from all kinds of solvents to maintain your Sex Doll properly.
  3. Vegetable Oil - Any kind of oil is to be avoided with your doll. Oils being water-resistant are tough to clean and thus might damage your Doll irreparably.
  4. Silicone Oil - For similar reasons as Vegetable Oil. And also due to the fact that Silicone will damage the porosity of your doll by making the pores bigger.


  1. The First Night with Your Sex Doll

You just got the box delivered to you, and you are really excited! This will be the first night with your doll, and it is going to be special! But before you can begin your preparation you need to take care of a few things. Firstly, you need to ensure that you take proper care in attaching the head and the limbs to the body according to the manual given with the box. Do not take any shortcuts, which will only damage your mood and your doll.  

You will be needed to take extra care while dressing her up for the first night and do some research for the same and keep a nice outfit ready for her. Make sure you know about the usage of the doll properly and only then start using it. Have a wonderful experience with your doll!