How to Make Sex Experience with Sex Doll

May 16, 2019

Have you ever had some problem with your sexual life? Well, the truth is that there are soma many reasons as to why you may need to buy Life Like Sex Dolls for they can help you to realize your own self. In most cases, with the world we are living in where human marriages and relationships are at risk, many men are left lonely without even a single person to take care of their sexual feeling. There is no point for you to get traumatized, your love experience with a sex doll can improve your general wellbeing.


How to Make Sex Experience with Sex Doll

Clothing and Lingerie

Not all people who buy Life Like Sex Dolls take this as their first priority. Some show less attention as far as clothing sex dolls are concerned. But here you are, trying it to make things different. She is your woman, and I believe she deserves better. Do not just treat her like a sex doll. There are so many clothes and Lingerie that you can buy her to make her look more attractive. Your list should not miss leggings, sexy attires and any clothe that you may feel is useful for her. She will attract you and arouse your feelings when she is perfectly dressed. This is how you win it all when it comes to sex with Life Like Sex Dolls.


Makeup and Hair

Most of us get attracted to ladies who have maintained the body and hairstyles. It’s very expensive to maintain natural hair but very fun and less expensive to maintain the wig that came with your sex doll. In most cases, you can always take your time and ask the experts to do the work for you. Just make her look real. If you have taken care of her hairstyles, think about some nice smelling perfume that you always cherish. Applying this to her could make you memorize someone you once loved. This can trigger your sexual feelings and make you feel for her and yawn to take her to bed. When applying any perfume, do not spray her body. The chemicals used may not favor the TPE or silicon material used to make the sex doll


Warming the Doll

Sex is very interesting when all of you are at an increased temperature. Having sex involves some increase in the temperature in your body which increase the rate of blood flow in the body. This opens small capillaries in the body and makes them more elastic. This is the pressure and temperature that you need during the ejaculation. By warming your sex doll, you will be bae to activate the lubricants in her which makes the penetration more easy and enjoyable. Their silicone body will also heat up which makes you have the real sexual experience.



Why do you really need the lubricants? Sex involves friction and you will need to minimize friction if you are to have the pleasure you desire during sex. If you meet Life like Silicone Sex Dolls when they are not lubricated, you may never like it. This may also destroy her. What lubricants do you actually need? You can choose silicon-based, oil-based or water-based lubricant. But restrict yourself to water-based lubricant for they do not cause staining and will keep your doll healthy and without any friction.


Foreplay and Intimacy

Perhaps you may have undermined the potential of the Life like Silicone Sex Dolls you have seen being sold on the market. Having Life Like Sex Dolls is not really a guaranty that you will enjoy having sex. If you need to have a healthy relationship with your sex doll, then you will need to do for her some more favors than just to engage her on the anal, oral, or virginal sex. You need to prepare yourself the entire process.

Do not rush for the entire process because you will never experience anything better. Foreplay can help you to have intimacy in your relationship with Life like Silicone Sex Dolls. Take your time, caress her, and try to make her get ready for the sex. Turn your bedtime into a very pleasant moment and let her show you how she feels with the action. This is the only way through which you can be fully ready for sex and enjoy it perfectly