How To Remove Sex Doll TPE Stains In 10 Seconds

May 16, 2019

It takes a lot of time for someone to get the best sex doll. This explains why most people invest in the best quality sex dolls that cannot get damaged easily. For those who are used to these dolls, it becomes an easy task to manage them. But the people who are using them for the first time, it will take you a lot of time to ensure that you protect her and maintain the new look she had when you once bought her. You may have spent your time to read all the instruction that came with her but one thing you have to admit is that you can never prevent the occurrence of stain on her sexy body. I guess you do not want her to say like that for the rest of her life.


What is the cause of sex doll skin stains?

The stain in your sex doll does not just occur naturally, there is some motivating factor which you need to understand clearly in order to know how to prevent them from occurring the next time. It’s very pleasing and makes you feel real sex experience when your sex doll is made of TPE material. If you are very keen, you will realize that her body is normally designed with some tiny pores that make her look softer, elastic and durable. It’s these holes that may result in the stains when mishandled.

There are two common scenarios that can cause your sex doll to have a stain. The first is if she is exposed to a new garment. As much as you yawn to make her look new each and presentable each and every day, her new attire if let for a long time may cause the stains. This because dark garments may contain some stains which combine with the moisture absorbed through the porous body of your sex doll to make her have that stain in her body. The other cause is if she puts on tight clothes for a long time. This may lead to scratches which you will need to handle for her to look better.


How to Fix Sex Doll Stain

Do not get worried, you can simply take less than 10 seconds to remove sex doll TPE stains without too much struggle. Just ensure you follow the steps highlighted below.

1. Get odorless painter's solvent. In Most cases, you can be able to get genuine odorless painter's solvent in most of the shops that sell these sex dolls. For a safety measure, ensure you buy it when you purchase your new doll.
2. Apply the painter's solvent to the stain. Sex doll stains are not permanent and do not be afraid to try to fix sex doll stains. You can use a cotton bud or any soft material to apply the stain to avoid causing any damage to her skin
3. Wait for 10-60 seconds after applying it. Do not be in a hurry, just take your time and allow the stain to be dissolved by the solvent. Depending on the nature of the stain, you can wait for 10-60 seconds
4. it’s as simple as such, just wipe the stain away using a cotton swab. That is how you remove sex doll TPE stains in less than 10seconds