How to Use a Sex Doll

May 04, 2019

The search for the perfect partner has always been a tough one. But wait, what about sex dolls? A sex doll will have all the characteristics you imagine it to have, you can do whatever you want to it, and it's quiet. Sounds like a perfect partner for all those lonely and sexually frustrated poor souls. They are a bit pricey, but look perfect and don't nag at you. A perfect companion. Anything you imagine, the sex doll can be. It is, afterall, at your disposal. So, you've ordered a sex doll, what now?


How to Use a Sex Doll


1. Unboxing & Assembling Your Sex Doll


Step 1.Open the package

Although it is made from supposedly light materials, sex doll can weight over 20 pounds ( 10kg), which makes it difficult for weak and disabled to transport it. Once you've found a perfect place to assemble your sex doll, it's time for opening the package. Cut the tape, but be sure to do it carefully, so you don't damage your new partner.

Step 2.Wash your hands

Now you have a beautiful sex doll with perfect skin. And you want her to stay that perfect. Wash your hands carefully, so you don't smudge that pristine skin. Besides, washing your hands will give the unpacking a bit more ceremonial flare and your sex doll a virgin quality.

Step 3.Unpack the head of the sex doll

The head of the doll is the soccer ball sized sphere resting in the box. You want to carefully remove the foam surounding it. Voila, you have your sex doll's head. You will use it latter, for now carefully put it on the side, on a clean surface if possible. If not possible, create a clean surface.

Step 4.Remove any other accessories and remove foam

Your sex doll will probably not arrive bare handed. Yes, you might want to dress it to suit your tastes, but it will still have a set of clothes with it, and probably some other accessories. Remove them carefully and place them on the side, you might need them later. The only thing left in the box is the body.

Step 5.Lift the doll out of the box with the blanket

After removing the foam from the body, it's time to carefully lift the body from the box. Use a blanket to do this. It might seem strange, being so careful with it, bearing in mind what you are about to do to it, but that's just the way things are done. Respect the sanctity of the sex doll.

Step 6.Attach the head and put on the wig

We're almost done. Now, you have to complete your sex doll. The bottom side of the head has a peg which fits neatly into the body. The head actually has to be screwed on. When you are done with that, the last step remaining is putting on the wig. You might get turned on by bald ladies, but these dolls really look incomplete without a wig. And there you have it, your lifelike sex doll is now ready for use.


2. Making Love to Your Doll


1) Vaginal sex with your doll

But how do you use and abuse this kind of companion? You can have standard vaginal sex, a bit more exciting anal sex, or even oral sex. Let's cover all of them! Every sex doll comes with a fully functional vagina. Before buying it, you should check the size of its vagina, so that it can accommodate you. The feeling is just like you're having sex with a real girl. Position the doll the way you like and enjoy yourself. If you want to cum inside the doll, that's ok too, they are built from durable materials.


2) Anal sex with your doll

In case you fantasize about anal sex, which most men do, that's an option, too. A real girl might be squeamish about this, but your sex doll won't have any objections. After all, it is made purely for pleasure, and it has this option, too. You can enjoy the perverse tightness of anal penetrating your sex doll.


3) Oral sex with your doll

As for oral sex, it's a bit different than with a real person. On the down side, the doll can't really do anything, everything is left to you. On the positive side, you can do whatever you want, no fear of rejection or gag reflex. Just don't forget to use lube.


3. Lubricants and your sex doll


Speaking about the lubricants, always choose the water-based ones. You don't want to ruin your sex doll using an oil-based or silicon-based lube. Choose the way you want to use the doll and apply the lube. Just make sure you don't go overboard, or you could have a very messy experience.


4. Sex Doll Storage


But what do you do with your sex doll while not in use? You might just leave it on your bed and pretend you are sleeping with your girlfriend. You could put it as a decoration. Or you might be a bit more discrete and store it away. There are special inconspicuous cases for sex doll storage. Nobody will know what hides in them. Furthermore, you should pay attention to the temperature of the room you keep your doll in. The doll is very sensitive to hot and cold, so you should try to keep it in optimal conditions.


5. Dressing Your Sex Doll


Let's talk about dressing your doll for a bit. Some people can't be bothered with it, after all, you want to have sex, not to waste your time on dressing and undressing the doll. But for many people, this is part of the fun. You can fulfill your fantasies and make them play a specific role. Keep in mind the size of the doll when shopping for it.


6. Accessorizing Your Doll and Design Doll’s Hairstyle


While we're talking about the clothes, let's mention accessories! You might want your doll to wear nice jewelry, or something a bit more kinky. Just avoid the accessories that are too heavy and can damage your sex doll. And make sure you take it off before storing your doll, it's never a good idea to leave it on.

As far as the looks go, the hair is the final touch. Although your doll already comes with a wig, you can choose to buy additional ones, to have some variety. Wigs can be washed and styled like regular hair, and this can be exciting too. Even real girls like changing their hair occasionally, so why not your fantasy doll.


7. Traveling With Your Sex Doll


Having a sex doll is such a great experience, that you might even want to travel with it. Just treat it as any other big package that requires discretion. You may send it to the desired location ahead of time and have your sex doll wait for you. Just be careful when packing it. And as for some last words, don't forget that your sex companion needs to be taken care of and cleaned regularly. Have fun!