Sex with a Sex Doll, What's the Feeling

May 16, 2019

While the use of sex dolls has become popular among the present-day generation, the big question that runs through the minds of clients before buying a doll is how the sex experience will be from her. Present day sex dolls are designed to look and feel like live human beings and therefore there is a guarantee of memorable and pleasurable sexual experience with them. Silicone and TPE sex dolls are the most preferred due to their human-like nature and good quality that gives high levels of satisfaction.
For the first time, sex doll users here is some good news for you below is a compiled list of different types of sexual experiences with sex dolls.

Kissing and touching

Sex dolls are made to feel like live human beings. The modern silicone and TPE sex dolls have bodies with parts feeling like those of live humans. Some parts are soft and others are firm depending on how they should be in real life. Kissing a modern silicone doll can give one a real-life experience since the doll can open her mouth and
you can even feel her teeth and tongue. Touching her feels so real especially due to her well-designed smooth facial and body features. For the butt and boobs, which are the most enticing sexual organs, you can have them designed in the shape, size, and texture that best suits you to give you the pleasure and memories you deserve.

Oral sex

Generally, most sex dolls are designed for anal and vaginal sex but this does not mean that the oral sex lovers will not have their bits of pleasure with these dolls. Some manufacturing companies have come up with sex dolls that have a deep throat and a certain lube and heat similar to that of a human mouth to make them fit for oral sex. However, with these modifications, they will still not be in a position to offer the
real suction similar to that which comes from a live human mouth. You should be cautious while using your doll for oral sex since some models have an oral cavity that tears easily. Be sure to maintain your doll’s hygiene.

Vaginal sex

Manufactures give more attention to the vaginal area and this is designed perfectly to meet the sexual needs of the users. The vagina is made in a way that they are so similar to the real vagina such that if you were blindfolded, you would barely tell the difference. To have the most sensational vaginal sex experience with sex dolls, you need to warm them up before getting into the real action. You may use a blanket or warm clothing to make the vagina warm or a vaginal warmer which uses USB to charge the doll. Silicone and TPE sex dolls retain some heat after being charged and you can, therefore, use them in any way that you want after charging them. The dolls
are suitable for all sex styles including doggy style and missionary style and using
them is better off than masturbating. There are also no strange odors from the doll’s vagina or fears of STIs infection and are therefore safe to use. Vaginal sex experience with sex dolls is with no doubt awesome.

Anal sex

If you are an ass lover, then here is the solution to your troubles. The anus of the dolls is well designed too like the vagina to give you a more human-like feel. It is tight to give you a firm glimpse. The ass of the doll opens well and you can easily slide in without any struggles. The butt may be designed firm or soft, big or small to meet your needs. As many men would be ashamed to ask for oral sex on a first date, sex doll is here to give it to you on the very first day and any other time you feel like.

Invest for best

Definitely, if you want a high-quality doll that will not break or dislocate after a hard session, then you should be ready to part with some extra coins. High quality models go for higher prices in the market and buying them gives you a guarantee of good service. Do not go for the cheaper ones, remember is cheap is expensive. Hurry and get yours now!