Silicone vs TPE: What Is the Difference?

May 04, 2019

Silicone vs TPE: What Is the Difference Between Silicone Sex Dolls and TPE Sex Dolls

Over the past years, people were going for sex dolls with embarrassment. You will realize that nowadays sex dolls are even much better than partners. Moreover, they are a way of investing in your well-being. All around the world, sex doll companies  including Dollswish have been growing at a much faster rate and now producing many different varieties of sex dolls like TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls. Some of you might find it very difficult to choose the ideal sex doll between Silicone vs TPE because they're many types one can choose. For a long time, sex dolls have always been considered a taboo by the public and weren't morally accepted.


TPE Sex Dolls

They are many different types of sex dolls being produced nowadays. Silicon and TPE sex dolls are one of the most known and quality sex dolls that you should consider buying. TPE and Silicon sex dolls look and feel realistic than all the other sex dolls in the market. However, TPE sex dolls are usually softer and more pliable than the silicon type ones. TPE sex dolls can make a pose because they have metal-like skeletons in them similar to Silicon sex dolls. But they are much lighter and smaller compared to the silicone counterparts. TPE sex dolls are usually very realistic when you give them some warmth. Nevertheless, for those who like undressing their sex dolls then don't go for the TPE ones because they are usually very easily stained by the dye. TPE is made from Thermoplastic Elastomeric which is a rubbery polymer combined with elastic and thermoplastic properties. For a long time now have silicone sex dolls dominated the world of sex toys but now TPE sex dolls are offering them very stiff competition. As you all know, materials used to make sex dolls have a purpose of satisfying and pleasuring you. Although some fabrics used to make sex dolls are of lousy quality hence reducing satisfaction, the TPE is one of the best that you would ever get. 


Pros and Cons of TPE Sex Dolls 



  1. Realistic Silicon sex dolls are very lifelike
  2. Valuable Now with TPE sex dolls available, you'll have a limited chance of choosing sex dolls you prefer because you won't be selecting the artisanal silicone doll or the blow-up which are of lower quality. This type of dolls also offers a long-sought-after medium compared to other sex dolls.
  3. Squeezable It is quite elastic when you need it to be.
  4. Temperate They retain heat for some times which gives your sex dolls a realistic presence when you heat them
  5. Compatible You can customize it to how you see fit.



  1. The companies producing and technologies being used to create these dolls are recent hence making their production techniques imperfect
  2. Porous These sex dolls are made to look realistic, and so they have microscopic holes. Therefore if you don't clean them, they will get dirty


Silicon Sex Dolls 

Many of you might already be knowing what silicon is. It is a type of synthetic polymer that is used in making a variety of product. The qualities of silicones which is heat resistant and non-toxic enable the creation of a lot of items, such as glue, lubricants, moldings and also household objects. You should know that silicon was the primary origin and material behind the creation of sex dolls, to be exact dolls that look almost realistic which you can use rather than the cloth dolls. There are many types of silicon, and all come in many forms. Some of them are more elastic and softer than others. Silicon is the material behind the creation of sex dolls. From the startup to where we are silicon has been the best materials used to create sex dolls.  With the silicone sex dolls, you'll have a wide range of options for the look and also have a skin-like feel. They are also more realistic and softer than their plastic counterparts. A lot of companies sell a lot of silicon type dolls because of their removable facial features and metal skeletons so you'll have the option of adjusting them and also aligning their body parts as you see fit. 


Pros and Cons of Silicon Sex Dolls 


  1. Non-porous Silicone is resistant to bacteria and germs, and so these silicone sex dolls are much easier to clean and maintain
  2. Life-like Silicone sex dolls look remarkably realistic because of the material used behind building them which is silicone
  3. Realistic Silicon dolls are usually sculpted to look real or how the manufacturer desires them to look
  4. Temperate Silicone sex dolls retain heat which makes them feel alive



  1. Expensive They are generally very expensive because they are made from silicone which is quite a costly material
  2. Un-durable Silicon sex dolls can be easily damaged so you have to handle them very carefully
  3. Incompatible You can only use water-based lubricants with the silicone sex dolls


Comparison Between Silicone and TPE Sex Dolls 


  1. TPE is usually made from a wide variety of elastic materials, and hence they have rubber elasticity at room temperature but melt when exposed to high temperatures while Silicone sex dolls are made from a unique rubber which is silicone. Silicone, therefore, has good mechanical strength and can resist high temperatures. Silicone will not at all melt or burn even if it is exposed to high temperatures.
  2. Silicone and TPE sex dolls also have differences in their analytical structures. What is mainly different about these types of sex dolls is that one of them is CC structure while the other is SI02 structure.
  3. Generally, Silicone has a much higher temperature resistance than TPE sex dolls. TPE dolls have a heat resistance of 130-150 which can them age and crack faster whereas Silicon dolls have 200-300 heat resistance making them much better and long lasting.
  4. The method used in modeling silicon is by a hydraulic press. The process cycle of injecting silica gel into the molding machine is relatively long and also waste scrap cannot be recycled, but in modeling TPE the process is much faster. TPE is made from a thermoplastic material which can be injected and extruded. There is nowhere in the process with cross-linking, and also the materials used in the process can be recycled.
  5. The silicone material is usually quite expensive. Its price is generally between 5000 dollars per ton while the cost of TPE is between 2000 to 5000 dollars. TPE sex dolls are much cheaper compared to silicone sex dolls.
  6. Silicone material has excellent elasticity with a crosslinking system of a 100% recovery when bent. TPE has excellent flexibility but cannot be recovered back hence having permanent deformation because of its cross-linking. This makes silicon sex dolls much better compared to the TPE sex dolls.