Top 5 Sex Doll Trends - Exciting Sex

May 16, 2019

In the past, the experience with sex dolls was stressful. However, good news is on the horizon as 2019 and the future promises to bring technological advancements never perceived in the human brain. As scientists work around the clock to release fully fledged sex dolls, we will witness improvements aimed to make them more lifelike. This will make the experience more thrilling. The intelligence involved in the life like dolls will keep you wanting more as you will not be having sex with an ice-cold robot. Who said technology isn't sexy? Additionally, sex toys are available at reasonable prices and the society has began appreciating adult dolls due to their recent exposure in the media platforms. This article reaches out to the top 5 trends used by developers to make realistic sex dolls!

Touch sensing sex dolls

A primary feature of the sex doll which will enable them to know where and when they are being touched. Ideally, the sex dolls will be fitted with “nervous system” just below their skin which will be sensitive whenever in contact with human. This technology is being used in other fields, but we see it being it used in the sex industry to make the dolls become reactive to the touch from their owners!
Just a mention, the ability to respond to touch will make the doll determine foreplay for example through touching breasts or kissing. This will make her ready by lubricating her genitals and warming them up. She would also respond appropriately through her receptive vocal-codes. To add on that, sensors in the sex dolls' genitals will enable them respond to the pleasure during sex. Ideally, they will have an orgasm too, something which has never been witnessed in the adult dolls before! 

Self Heating Sex Dolls

An internal heating system will become a standard feature for all realistic sex dolls. Modern sex dolls have been made to completely recreate the true feeling of a vagina. However, a common setback which has been a topic of discussion is its cold state which denies owners the warm temperature sensation during sex. To beat this, many had to warm their sex dolls using hot water or specialized electric inserts.
This is now a problem of the past. Sex dolls have internal heating system which warm their bodies and genitals which gives real experience. When fully developed and can work in conjunction with the touch system, the experience will be more than perfect. Prior to use, the user will be required to plug the sex doll for few minutes from an electric circuit extended at the back of the neck. Due to the ability of TPE and Silicon to hold heat, this assures the user full pleasure throughout the sex session. Sooner, we will have sex dolls having internal batteries. This will be an added advantage in case you find yourself in a remote area which doesn't have electricity. Engineers are also working around the clock to implement a mechanism which will enable you to choose temperature that you desire. We are on the edge of witnessing sex robots that will warm themselves up that won't require an electric connection to heat up.

Artificial Intelligence Sex Dolls

An all round sentient sex doll is the ultimate challenge for developers. However, we have witnessed some basic features like the ability of a sex doll to answer cheeky questions. Modern sex doll trends will see them having personalities too. Artificial intelligence will become more adaptable with the sex dolls. They will have the ability to have conversation of all types and varying level of response or intimacy. Owners will have an opportunity to fine tune their sex dolls to have the personalities that they want. The ability of them to connect to the internet will enable life like sex dolls to access sex life information making them more experienced and fun to use.

Ultra-realistic sex dolls

The typical feel, appearance and design of sex dolls is definitely the greatest breakthrough to achieving the character and likeness of a woman. The progress is incomparable to the development of the likes of sex doll robotics and artificial intelligence. However, manufacturers are pushing beyond the limits to achieve flawless beauty and physical appeal of their sex doll products. The aim is to incorporate skin technology. Be sure to see less of TPE and Silicon. The developers are coming up with more realistic synthetic Fiber which give a real feel of flesh and allow better integration of technology such as artificial intelligence and touch. The firmness or hardness of the body will differ appropriately depending on the body part(shoulders and hips will be a bit hard, breasts and ass will feel soft. Just examples). The skin will have real lines, patterns and feel.

Celebrity Sex Dolls

The ultimate sex doll trends that we are soon to see is the emergence of sex dolls fashioned to resemble celebrities. Orders have been put through, it is just a matter of time before we see celebrities licensing their appearance and likeness against being used as sex dolls for the fear of negative impact on their careers and social life. However, the first hit in the market will be of famous porn actresses and anime characters. This is because they will have an easier time dealing with social reputation impact. However, don't be surprised to see celebrities who will be willing to let their bodies recreated as adult sex dolls. A 42-year-old man, a graphic and product designer is known to have spent around fifty thousand dollars to create a sex robot resembling famous Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansen. The doll is just fantastic!

Final Thoughts

In the past, people had to take whatever the market provided. However, if you want life like sex dolls, you are in a position to demand what suits well starting from size, color and personality traits. The have been a major issue in the past but nowadays it is easier to be in possession of quality sex doll at a favorable price.