Top Popular Types of Sex Dolls

May 16, 2019

In a world where relationships are getting complicated and where there is intolerance all around, loneliness is a problem for many. We try to find out ways to overcome the same. When there is a need to release sexual energy and feeling, sex dolls are becoming quite popular. There is a growing demand for different types of sex dolls and it would be interesting to find out more about the same. We are happy to share some brief information about popular types of sex dolls and we are sure it will help you to make an informed buying decision taking into account your specific needs and requirements.


1.Silicone Sex Dolls

Silicone sex doll are popular and have some obvious advantages when compared to the plastic dolls. Many you use a silicone sex doll you get a skin-like feel and when it comes to looks, you have many options to choose from. Technology has enabled manufacturers to offer silicone sex dolls with metal skeletons and also removable facial features. This can help the users to alter the facial expressions. However, before using these dolls, quite a bit of preparatory work is required. Lubrication and warming is required to prevent chafing of the skin.


2.TPE Sex Dolls

While plastic and silicone sex dolls are popular, recently there are many customers who are very happy using TPE sex dolls. TPE stands for thermoplastic electrometric. This is basically a rubbery polymer material that has elastic as well as thermoplastic properties. It compares well with various different types of sex dolls that are made from latex or vinyl. These materials lacked the soft and rubber feeling that TPE dolls offer. It is cost effective and therefore manufacturers are able to cater to a larger segment and section of customers. It is also non-allergic because it is made from materials that are totally hypo-allergenic in nature. The fabric is odorless and therefore you can enjoy that near-real life sex feeling.


3.Cloth And Stuffed Sex Dolls

Cloth and stuffed sex dolls are different from TPE and silicone sex dolls. Stuffed sex dollars are known for the ability to bring animation to life. They are available in a variety of styles. They have slit vagina inserts. Hence, you don’t have to run the risk of ruining the material of the sex dolls. They are perfectly suited with those who have unique fetishes. However, you cannot have skeletons in them but it might happen in a few years from now. They are easier and lighter to store when compared to TPE and silicone dolls. They also can be hidden easily.


4.Blow Up Sex Dolls

These are perhaps one of the earliest forms of sex dolls. In spite of new varieties and materials entering the fray, blow up sex dolls continue to be extremely popular. They have stood the test of time. Most of the blow-up sex dolls are made from PVC. But there are a few manufacturers that make these dolls with solid silicone head, feet and hands. If you are looking for dolls for those with limited storage space find blow-up sex dolls quite attractive. However, these sex dolls are suited only for masturbation. They are also extremely price-competitive. But in terms of versatility and need-satisfaction, they may not be as good as other modern day option.


5.BBW Sex Doll

BBW actually stands for Big and Beautiful Women. Hence, if there are men and women who like dolls with big busts, buttocks and attributes that are generous in size, choosing BBW sex dolls could be the best option. They are exquisitely made with curves that are almost as good as real. Each and every sexually stimulating anatomy of the doll is well described. It could be the buttocks, the size of the breasts and even the taut and tight description of the nipples. Therefore, if you are looking for something big, unique and almost real-life then you should obvious choose BBW sex dolls. They are made from TPE and other materials that are safe and do not irritate or cause damages to the skin.



The above are a few examples of the different types of sex dolls. There could be a few other materials that could be used for making such dolls. You must do your research, be sure about your requirements and only then should you choose the right sex dolls. Price, ease of use, privacy and ease of maintenance are also factors that you must bear in mind before making such choices.